Tips to choose promotional items for your restaurant branding & marketing

Tips to choose promotional items for your restaurant branding & marketing

If you own a restaurant or bar and want to get customers to return, consider giving them something in return for their business. For example, you can give your customers a mug or a discount on their next meal. 

promotional items for restaurant branding

Promotional items are a great way to help spread your restaurant brand.

If you’re opening a new restaurant and you want to build awareness, why not give away things like coasters, mugs, and t-shirts with your logo on them? Perhaps your graphic designer can come up with different creative ideas to use the logo or colors on your promotional items. 

In this blog post, we have shared the 5 best tips to choose a promotional item that will help in branding your restaurant. 

Let’s start. 

#1 Choose a useful product

Promotional products should be something useful and valuable to your customer. It should be something that they use on a regular basis. It can’t just be a cheap giveaway that they throw away in the trash after they’re done with it. If you hire a branding & marketing agency, they will be able to suggest to you a lot of items that you could choose from.

If you’re creating a promotional gift for a customer or client, make sure that they could actually use the item. For example, if you’re making a smartphone wallet, make sure it fits most smartphone models.

Again, your graphic designer can help you to design a nice smartphone wallet that you can giveaway to your customers. 

#2 The product must be evergreen

Promotional products that are seasonal, like Christmas ornaments or Valentine’s Day items, won’t be useful to your business after the holiday is over. It’s important to choose promotional products that will be useful and in demand throughout the year. 

It’s important to give a relevant promotional item to your guests. For example, don’t give a promotional item that is no longer in trend or not useful to your guests.

#3 Consider your target customers

The promotional item that you choose must be a fit for your customers or guests. It’s crucial that you choose the right promotional products for your business. You should never choose a promotional product that you don’t relate to or that doesn’t resonate with your audience. It’s important that you choose products that are useful to your customers so that they’ll be excited to use them and keep them around.

For example, if your target customers are young people, don’t give them a promotional item that’s mostly used by old people.

#4 Consider your restaurant brand image

When you’re choosing which promotional items to use for your business, it’s important that these items are a good fit for your brand image. Your promotional item should match the style and tone of your restaurant brand so that when it’s used as a promotional tool, it reinforces the brand identity of your restaurant.

You can also seek assistance from your food photographer who can provide you with an image that you can get printed on the promotional items along with your logo.

#5 Have them plenty

If you’re running a promotion, the number one thing to remember is to never run out of promotional items. If you run out of promotional items, then there’s a good chance that you’re going to miss out on a customer because they’re expecting a promotional item with their purchase.

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