6 Gift items for your restaurant branding & marketing

6 Gift items for your restaurant branding & marketing

One of the most effective ways to keep a restaurant busy is to build an engaged community. One way to do this is by giving gifts and souvenirs to customers. These souvenirs can also help you to strengthen your restaurant’s branding & marketing. 

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Here are 6 of the most effective gift ideas that provide great word-of-mouth marketing while being useful for the customer.

#1 T-shirts & Apparels

T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing items are a tried and true method for restaurants & F&B outlets to create brand loyalty. This is an inexpensive way for restaurants to do online promotions.

It gives them a way to show their loyalty to a restaurant or other casual brand and often comes at a low cost. 

T-shirts can also be a great way to participate in giveaways or give back to a community, without breaking the bank.

Additionally, your graphic designer can help you to design different t-shirts that resemble your restaurant’s brand values. For example, engraving a logo, or any popular dish from your restaurant would be a great idea. 

#2 Reusable glasses or mugs

When looking for gifts and merchandise, retailers should first determine what products fit with the general theme of their business. For example, if you run a wine bar, it would be smart to offer branded glasses to your customers as they leave. 

Gifting reusable glasses & mugs is not a new thing in enhancing a restaurant’s marketing & branding.

A quality piece of glass or a mug will increase the brand’s visibility and may even be kept and put on display at home.

#3 Kids toys

If your restaurant is not currently offering branded children’s toys, you should add them to the menu. This helps parents with their children and benefits restaurants as well. It is a win-win situation when restaurants have a toy that helps parents with entertaining their children, while also being a great take-home item for kids!

#4 Pens

The pen is mightier than the sword. Brand yourself with a pen. Pens are a low-cost investment and a top-performing promotional product for restaurants. The pen is a small price to pay for brand awareness.

It’s always a good idea to give guests and potential customers something to write with. Pens, which are inexpensive and often the top-performing promotional item for restaurants, are an easy and thoughtful way to engage potential customers and keep branding close.

#5 Housing decors

Gifting your customers beautiful household decor items is yet another excellent way to do marketing & branding for your restaurant. While it’s true that most people don’t want to decorate their house with promotional items, you can use a subtle effect of your brand advertising on those decor items.

Do you need some more ideas on housing decor items? Engage a restaurant branding & marketing agency in Singapore!

#6 Grocery bags

In the age of conscious consumers, grocery stores have to offer more than just paper or plastic. The reusable tote bag is a great way to help guests save the environment and promote your restaurant or business. 

Investing in a high-quality design will ensure that customers use the bag again and again. Make sure you don’t skimp on the graphic design of your merchandise.