Marketing tips for restaurants to survive during pandemic

Marketing tips for restaurants to survive during pandemic

In this time of need, we need to make sure we’re eating and making a profit. Thankfully, there are some tips you can use to update your restaurant marketing strategy.

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If you want to make sure you’re doing the most for your restaurant, read below for tips that will help you hit refresh on your marketing efforts.

#1 Start selling online

If you’re not offering online delivery yet, it’s time to start. First, find a restaurant ordering system that best fits your needs. Then, enable customers to order food on your website using a special button or by using integrated third-party delivery apps. 

Make sure that your site is optimized for the mobile web in the meantime since most of your customers will come from mobile marketing efforts.

Giving customers the opportunity to order food online can significantly raise your profits. You don’t need to spend a fortune on technical expertise either. 

Adding online selling is perhaps one of the best marketing ideas that you can implement to boost your restaurant sales. 

You can also hire an affordable graphic designer to create a website where you can showcase your food menu and start taking online orders. 

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#2 Keep in touch with your customers

One of the worst things about this pandemic is that it has put a wedge between restaurants and their clients by limiting face-to-face interactions. That’s why you need to capitalize on online communication. 

 As such, you need to utilize online communication to keep customers updated. The platform can be your website and social media profiles and you should keep them updated about any changes to your menu, opening hours, cleaning routine, and more.

You can also consider hiring a Singapore branding & marketing agency to get more ideas on how to engage your customers with your brand.

#3 Redesign your menu

To build a successful food delivery business, you’ll need to look at the menu and see if every dish is suitable for delivery. Some foods don’t travel well. Instead of sacrificing customer experience, it’s best that you remove them from the delivery menu and replace them with more suitable items.

Hire a professional food menu designer to come up with some great ideas to organize your food menu. You can also engage a food photographer to use enticing images of your dishes for getting more orders. 

#4 Leverage social media

Your customers are on social media, so take the opportunity to interact with them. And what better way to excite them than by holding contests and giveaways? You can give them a chance for a free meal at your restaurant, a gift card from you to share with a friend or even a free service from your business. Your customers will love this and it will be easy to organize too.

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Have you ever wanted to give your customers a jolt of excitement? Check out our three ideas for social media contests and giveaways to get the ball rolling. 

First, use an instant win contest where people can enter their information and have a chance to instantly win something. 

Secondly, showcase your products or services with a photo challenge that starts today and ends in a week’s time. 

Finally, reward your most loyal fans by hosting a giveaway for them!

Hire a branding & marketing agency that can help you to run your social media marketing campaigns. 

#5 Offer contact-less delivery

A no-contact order fulfillment option is a great way to eliminate customer contact and increase customer safety. For restaurants that offer this option, customers can be picked up curbside or have their orders left at their doorstep. This will make them feel better-taken care of and make them more likely to come back.

#6 Express your thanks

When a pandemic hits, you can count on your customers to be there for you. The least you can do as a restaurant owner is show them their support is appreciated. There are many, many ways to show your customers how much they mean to you, such as offering constant promotions and discounts, or even simpler things that won’t cost you anything. It also helps to have little things here and there, like free desserts with a meal, to let them know you care.