5 Tips for you to work with your graphic designer

5 Tips for you to work with your graphic designer

Working with graphic designers for the first time can be intimidating, but the best piece of advice is to do it. You are handing over your brand identity and reputation to a complete stranger, but the risk is worth it if you’re looking for more business.

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In this blog post, we have shared a few tips to work with your graphic designers efficiently & smoothly.

#1 Show your graphic designers, don’t just tell

It might sound like a good idea to tell your graphic designer what you want, but it’s much more effective if you show them instead.

Designers always want their clients to know what they mean when they say “pop.” But if you’re not sure, why not show your graphic designer what you want with visual examples?

Collect samples of logos, websites, ads, signs, t-shirts, business cards, and more, and show your graphic designers so that they can understand your expectations better.

#2 Make it clear what you need

If you know what you want, your graphic designer will be better able to give it to you. And if you know what you want, you’ll be happier with the result. That includes both the creative end (visual style, color scheme, subject matter) as well as the business end (your target market, your destination, your main takeaway).

When it comes to graphic design projects, make sure you nail down the scope of your project right away. If you need a one-time logo or an ongoing series of projects, establish that early on. Your creative brief is the key to communicating these preliminary details.

#3 Talk to your graphic designer about everything

It’s easy to neglect the practical details at first, but they can cause major problems later. Don’t forget about payment, deadlines, revisions, and schedules.

It’s unavoidable that you and your designer will disagree on some creative aspects of the project. But disagreements won’t spoil your project if you both know what to expect. Align your expectations for each other on small things like payment, deadlines, revisions, and schedules.

#4 Set your graphic designers free

Your designer is trying to get your project just right. But it’s not perfect the first time, and they want to know how to fix it.

What should you say?

The expert solution is to phrase your feedback as problems, not solutions. Instead of saying “move this over here” or “I don’t like that color” or “do these changes,” it’s better to be specific about what bothers you. Let your graphic designer think about how to overcome your concerns. But don’t give them the solution to follow.

#5 Treat your graphic designer as a part of your team

Your digital marketing team may often feel like they’re on the outside of the team. But, by welcoming them in and treating them like a friend or colleague, you can make them more of an asset.

If you want your graphic designers to feel like more of a part of the team, try treating them like a friend or coworker. Communicate with them with the same respect as your other employees, and set clear expectations for meetings and time frames.

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