8 most common mistakes that most novice photographers make.

8 most common mistakes that most novice photographers make.

Do you run a restaurant and regularly need mouth-licking photos of your dishes but not getting that perfect shot? Well, you may be trying to do it all yourself.

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The graphics and the images are crucial activities for any restaurant. Therefore, you must pay special attention to the photography of your food items or dishes.

In this blog post, we have shared the 8 most common mistakes that most novice food photographers make.

Let’s begin.

#1 Ignoring backgrounds

One of the major mistakes that most newbie food photographers make is ignoring the background while shooting the pictures.

The background of a photo should be as simple and clutter-free as possible in order to avoid distracting the viewer from the main subject of the photo. The best backdrops are usually muted colors and plain patterns.

#2 Shakes

Most novice food photographers bump or shake the camera while taking the shot. As a result, they end up taking blurred photos.

We all know that a successful photo is a complete piece that tells a story. Whenever you take a photo, remember that the camera must be as still as possible.

If you were using a slow shutter speed handheld or you moved the camera when photographing the image, the result will be blurry images throughout.

#3 Lack of learning

A great camera doesn’t make you a good photographer. It’s still the person behind the lens who is responsible. If you see good photos, it’s because the photographer has learned the basics of light, composition, and camera. To learn more about photography, check out these beginner articles below.

A professional food photographer would always invest his time in learning & exploring the new tricks & tips of photography.

#4 Lack of angles

One of the most common problems for photographers is that they only take one photo from one angle. This is a great way to feel unsatisfied with your result and waste your time.

Consider other angles you can shoot from, such as the left or right side. You could even try a high or low angle. Just keep on experimenting with different shots and you’ll find what works and what doesn’t.

#5 Never use vertically

One common photography mistake is that new photographers don’t use their cameras in portrait mode. They never seem to think about turning the camera sideways, to shoot vertically. Sometimes it’s necessary, but some subjects would be better suited for this orientation.

#6 Never ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Generally, photographers are happy to share their knowledge with people who are interested in learning new skills. Don’t overwhelm them with your questions, but asking a few questions will not be a problem.

You can also hire a professional food photographer who can not only help you to click the mouth-licking photos of your dishes but also help you to share his wisdom.

#7 Taking attention away

When you take a photo of your subject, remember to look around them and include more of the surrounding background. You might want a good shot of a person, but forget that there might be a light pole coming through the image, or a bush on the side. Always take a good look at the frame you are going to capture before snapping the picture.

#8 Inappropriate balance of white color

When photographing scenes in a different light, you may need to adjust the white balance to avoid the colors in the image taking on an unnatural tone. Different types of light can have different characteristics, so adjusting your white balance before shooting can help you capture the colors more accurately.

Many newbie food photographers don’t pay attention to the right balance of white color and as a result, they end up shooting dull pictures.