7 Useful ides to design great flyers for your restaurants

7 Useful ides to design great flyers for your restaurants

Restaurant flyers are an excellent way to grab your customer’s attention. The key is to focus it on your latest promotion, or any other reason to sell more. If you fail at designing an attractive flyer, your restaurant may end up in the trash or abandoned under a pile of papers.

When you should use flyers for your restaurant?

Holiday Deals: Do you want to offer a special Valentine’s Day dinner, Thanksgiving feast, or Christmas party for your clients? Make sure they know by designing an appropriate flyer.

New menu: You should always let your customers know when you change your menu. Introduce new menu items with a flyer and include the digital version in your newsletter also.

Deals: Offer a special deal on a certain item, or a discount on all products, to draw in customers and mention them on your flyer. 

Happy Hour: Start a happy hour after work to entice people to come to your restaurant and put them in your flyer.

If a restaurant’s design is attractive, you can be sure they will sell more or get rid of some of their inventories. However, an unattractive banner design will send your brand straight to the trash or left under piles of papers.

It is therefore very important for you to hire a professional graphic designer who can design an attractive flyer for your restaurant.

In this blog post, we have shared 7 tips for you to design a nice flyer.

#1 Use vibrant colors

Food is all about bright colors and smooshy textures. Your flyer needs to be as tempting as a hot pizza slice, and as hard to forget as the taste of cheesecake. Remember to separate the different visual areas with some white space, so that it doesn’t become too crowded.

Make sure to separate the different visual areas with white space, your flyer can be as successful as a delicious dish.

To a certain extent, the photographs that you will use on your flyers also play an important role. It is therefore always advisable to hire professional food photography services. 

#2 Keep the texts short

To get people to come to your restaurant, use a few words and add more visuals. This will make it super easy for the user to scan the dishes on your flyers and make a quick decision on whether or not they want to visit your restaurant. You can also add some short, catchy words such as “discount,” “love,” and “grab.

#3 Design for your target audience

Empathize with your audience. Who are these people? What do they like? What can you do to make them happy? Try and think of a way to segment your current customers. For example, think about age ranges first. Then, think about their interests and their favorite (or least favorite) orders.

#4 Use mouth-watering images

Your customer’s goal is to be as satisfied as they can so that they spend more. The easiest way to do so is to appeal to the customer’s five senses. Use mouth-watering photos. You can help customers by collaborating with a professional food photographer who can work with your graphic designer to develop some mouth-watering flyers.

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#5 Quality of paper

If you want a flyer that will be memorable, you might use a special paper. Bright colors and contrasting prints will make your design stand out. Alternatively, you could use heavier paper and rely on texture and a premium feel. This may be too expensive for some people though.

#6 Use appropriate fonts

Eye-catching flyers are a must. If you want to attract the attention of customers, then you need a clear and easy-to-read font, a large enough font, and a catchy name. Here comes the creativity of your graphic designer. 

If your flyer is a gig at a bar, you might want to put the name of the band, the time they will be performing, and why they are worth listening to. You can also put where the event is happening on the flyer.

#7 Showcase the best

Put together a seasonal selection of your top dishes and highlight them in a flyer. Remember, people can’t select based on the price tag alone. It’s important to use nested prices, so the cost is visible after a description of each dish. A currency sign should not be allowed on the flyer, as that would give potential customers an opportunity to focus on cost rather than what you have to offer.

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