8 Most Common Restaurant Menu Design Mistakes

8 Most Common Restaurant Menu Design Mistakes

Restaurant menu design is important because it’s what will draw customers to your restaurant. If your menu design isn’t great, then it can make or break your business.

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In this blog post, we have shared 8 mistakes that your graphic designer can do while designing your food menu design.

#1 Using Too Much Text

Using too much text is a mistake that many novice graphic designers make.

The trick is to make your food menu visually appealing without using too much text. Most customers don’t want to read a novel while they’re waiting for their food to arrive. They want to know the basics, like the price, the duration of the wait, and the main ingredients of the dish.

#2 Bad Photography or Illustrations

Bad photography or illustrations will turn off your customers and hurt your business.

Even if the quality of your food is good, it can’t save your restaurant if your food photos look terrible. If you’re an amateur photographer, it’s best to hire a professional to take your pictures.

Bad photography or illustrations is a mistake while designing a food menu. Food photography, like any kind of photography, is an art and you need to be a professional to make the food look appetizing. If you choose to use someone else’s photos, make sure they are high-quality.

With the help of a food photographer, your graphic designer in Singapore can use high-resolution pictures on the food menu.

#3 Lack of Consistency

It is important for a food menu to be consistent in order to avoid any confusion among the customers.

If the restaurant is consistent in the items they have on the menu, it will be easy for the customers to decide what they want to eat. If there are inconsistencies in the menu, the customers may not be able to decide what to order.

#4 Hiding Best Sellers

It is a common mistake to hide the best sellers on a menu.

By hiding the best sellers in your menu, you are making it harder for your customers to find the most popular dishes that are selling best.

Don’t hide your best sellers. If it’s popular, it’s popular for a reason.

If people like it, they’re going to order it again, so make it easy for them to find. Always display your best sellers in a place where they’re going to be noticed.

Therefore, you must ask your graphic designer to show the best sellers in a prominent way.

#5 Not using bold fonts

It’s a common mistake that most graphic designers make when they don’t use bold fonts on their menus.

Bolding your food items makes them stand out and makes it easy for customers to choose what they want to order.

The problem is that restaurants often forget to bold their non-food items like drinks, desserts, and side dishes.

Food menu design is all about making it easy for customers to read and to help them find what they want. If you’re not using bold fonts, you’re doing your customers a huge disservice.

#6 Using too many dollar signs

Using too many dollar signs is a mistake while designing a food menu.

Use the dollar signs sparingly and the menu will look more elegant and sophisticated.

Overusing dollar signs is a mistake while designing a food menu. It makes your menu look unprofessional and tacky. You can incorporate dollar signs in the title of the menu, but not in the description.

#7 Not implementing the restaurant theme

The restaurant theme is one of the most important aspects of a food menu. It is important to pick the theme and stick to it.

When it comes to the food menu design, many graphic designers make the mistake of not implementing the restaurant theme as part of their design. The design of your food menu should convey the feeling of the restaurant, the atmosphere, the concepts, and the cuisine that you’re serving.

Implementing the restaurant theme can also help you to boost your restaurant’s branding & marketing.

#8 Poor use of contrast

Contrast is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to design.

Poor use of contrast is a big mistake a graphic designer can do while designing a menu.

Poor use of contrast is a mistake while designing a food menu. It is very important to remember the difference between the color of the font and the background color. If the background color of your menu is very light then you should use a dark font to make the text readable.