7 Tips to Hire an Affordable Graphic Designer in Singapore

7 Tips to Hire an Affordable Graphic Designer in Singapore

Just like the importance of quality food photography for brilliant advertising of food business, decent production of vivid, eye-catching, and dazzling graphic designs are also just as essential.

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With these 7 super easy, super simple, and super useful tips, you should be able to hire one of the best web designers out there!

#1 Seek Multiple Quotes

Every devoted, F&B business marketing-conscious company either has a graphic designer on their team, or they’re looking for one. The reason behind this is quite simple – they help give your business a unique identity and massively enhance your marketing strategies.

A quote is an official document that includes the designer’s requirements for pricing. Save asking for quotes for the end of your hiring process. To successfully hire an affordable designer, this is a crucial step.

Ask for quotes once you decide that you want to hire them – but make sure their prices and demands fit your budget.

Seeking quotes for the graphic designer that you are considering hiring will also help elucidate that you are interested in some serious business.

#2 Check Portfolio

Hiring processes for numerous jobs require proof of quality work from the interviewee. And there is no reason that you should miss out on this too. Check the portfolio of the affordable graphic designer that has a great potential of being accepted to your team.

Make sure their work fits your requirements and matches the ideas you might have for your F&B business’ illustrations, designs, and logo. Moreover, their work should also be:

  • Creative,
  • Flexible – if they can fit their work to other requirements, new ideas, and designs,
  • If they are willing to take the major responsibility of controlling most of your company’s F&B business branding,
  • If they will deliver the work in raw files or HQ pictures.
  • And lastly, if they have any experience in photography services.

#3 Check Reviews

Finding good client reviews online would be like hitting the jackpot! You can contact however many references you want and ask them about the designer.

Discuss the Graphic designer’s work with their previous clients; discuss their work ethic, behavior, and temperament during the project, and if their skills have the potential to work in varying conditions and concepts, and most important of all – if their work was satisfactory.

Reviewing old (or recent) customer reviews will only prove to be good for you and your F&B business marketing tactics!

#4 Check Existence

With today’s technology, anyone who works through, on, or over the internet will inevitably leave a digital footprint; making it easier for you to track their work history.

If they are an experienced and well-established graphic designer, they should surely have some work that is open to the public. Their name should be easily accessible through the internet if they have worked for certified people and have earned a good name for themselves.

To save your time, energy, and brainpower, don’t trust any designers who might boast about their work but have no proof to show.

#5 Check Rates

Knowing about the industry and its pricing is the next big tip.

Do your research, browse the internet, make yourself aware and educated about the pricing criteria of graphic designers nowadays.

What’s the highest price? What’s the lowest one? What’s the moderate pricing? What are the criteria, experience, and expertise level for the relevant prices?

If the web designer is asking for a lot of money, is it even worth their services? For example, a professional who indulges in food photography would decide their charges depending on things like the lenses and paid editing software that they will be using.

Know all of these details and you will have no trouble deciding which designer is asking for too much, which is asking for too little, and which is just fine.

This way, you can also determine whether the work provided by certain web designers is even worth the charges they might be asking you for. Hence, helping you make a much wiser decision.

#6 Share Your Goal

While looking for an addition to your food business’s beloved team of professionals, you would surely sketch out a plan about your goals while interviewing every candidate – from your head chef to your food photographer, to your graphic designer.

To share your goal means to talk to the designer about things like your plans in the future for your brand’s advertising, your desires for the perfect logos, illustrations, and web designs, and your wishes, and your dreams about the success that can be brought about by immaculate graphic designing.

#7 Share Your Expectations

If you think about it, you expect impeccable photography services from a food photographer, right? Similarly, you should also expect excellent services from a web designer, and you should be very clear about them.

Communication is key; talk to the affordable graphic designer about anything and everything that you can think about (about the job, of course). Be very detailed about what you will be looking for in their work and what you wish to see.

This could range from anything about delivering on time to your hopes about the results of the project. You can also use this chance to listen for any unrealistically ambitious promises or commitments, letting you know if the designer is maybe just not the right one for you.


These 7 tips to hire a decent graphic designer in Singapore should be plenty enough for you to go out and use them to look for a talented designer for your F&B business branding schemes’ enhancement!