11 Ideas for Your Graphic Designer to Create A Logo for Your F&B Business

11 Ideas for Your Graphic Designer to Create A Logo for Your F&B Business

Once you add an experienced and affordable graphic designer to your F&B marketing and F&B branding team, all you need is a little time and you’ll end up with one of the best graphic designs to ever exist for your food business!

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A Brief Review on Logo Designs:

Now you may be asking yourself “How should I design the logo for my company?“.

Everybody knows that a logo for any company needs to vividly show the brand’s purpose, needs to be attractive and appealing and needs to convey just the right message that is appropriate for business.

The appropriate graphic design for your company’s logo depends on what you are selling and advertising to fulfill your basic criteria for F&B marketing and F&B branding.

Are you a fast-food restaurant? Does your restaurant specialize in drinks and beverages? Or perhaps you only sell desserts or just one type of dessert.

Below are some of the ideas that your graphic designer can refer to while creating a logo for your F&B business:

#1 Ice Cream Parlor

The main idea, of course, would be to design and customize an ice cream cone.

If you offer a special flavor that is unique to your brand, consider adding that to your restaurant logo design – color the ice cream according to it, or maybe add a little text in a corner (a slogan) which elucidates your specialty.

#2 Fast-Food Restaurant

It is no secret that a fast-food restaurant should have burgers and pizzas on its menu, as well as its logo. It’s usually a simple image of the mentioned food items but with a little help, when you hire a graphic designer, you can have the perfect logo for your company.

While a fast-food restaurant can have all three of the main categories; pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches, some only specialize in one of the three. You just have to design the item accordingly – for example, if you’re running a pizza shop, have your restaurant logo design be of a slice of pizza with melting cheese and toppings that make its viewer’s mouth water on the spot!

And for a burger joint, the logo design can be of a burger; a delicious double-decker would be amazing if it is on your menu. It would show the customer that you offer different items on your menu.

#3 Chinese Restaurant

Chinese restaurants mostly have a red theme to their logo – but you are not obligated to follow that. Make a different one and show that you’re bringing something new to the f&b industry.

Another thing that most Chinese restaurants have accommodated to their restaurant logo design is a picture of a panda, or a food item specific to the cuisine like a dumpling, or a bowl of rice with chopsticks. You can also consider having a dragon added to the logo to signify the culture more.

#4 Italian Restaurant

This cuisine is mostly known for pizza and pasta. Find a unique way to incorporate that into your logo, and you’re good to go!

When you hire a graphic designer, allow him to do their thing while you stay with them as they work. If you come up with any ideas, be sure to let them know about them. Remember, the more input that is provided to your business’ marketing, the faster and more successfully you can promote it.

#5 Bakery

Who doesn’t love baked goods? You should have regular customers coming in to buy bread, dairy products, and those scrumptious sweet delights every week.

Your creative graphic designer can use some sort of imagery to represent bread or buns to create your logo design.

#6 Entertainment Themed Restaurant

Numerous food business owners have their restaurants designed and promoted according to a famous film franchise or series, a famous book, or according to a musical sensation.

You can use this F&B branding technique to create a creative logo design, add a text modified to a reference from the specific movie or book.

#7 Indian Restaurant

An Indian restaurant will be serving all the classics, and you can include a “handi”, a special dish, a castle/building like the Taj Mahal, or something with chili pepper to the logo for your company.

Your graphic designer or logo maker should be able to come up with a few restaurant logo design specimens for your business in no time!

#8 Coffee Shop

The ideal logo design for your coffee shop would, of course, be that of a coffee cup.

However, since you’ll be getting creative with it when you hire a graphic designer, you might as well come with something like a coffee cup on a saucer and a croissant or any other pastry on the saucer, beside the cup.

#9 Cake/Pastry Shop

Just like any other part of this article, the answer is in the name! Have a detailed discussion with your graphic designer and exchange ideas; design the most mouthwatering sweet dish ever and make a brilliant graphic design out of it.

#10 Breakfast Joint

A breakfast place would be offering food items such as eggs, omelets, pancakes, and waffles. Choose one of these items, and have your graphic designer come up with a mind-blowing logo for your company.

#11 Popcorn Shop

Everybody loves to grab a snack, especially if they’re shopping or having a busy day outside. With an attractive creative graphic design and professional assistance after you hire a graphic designer, you can attract anyone looking for an energizer.

This logo for your popcorn shop or stall would show a popcorn bag – you can write your company’s name on it and can have the popcorns in the image displayed in a different color too; one that will catch your potential customer’s attention and will show your devotion to F&B marketing.