9 Ways to Use Facebook Marketing for Your Restaurant

9 Ways to Use Facebook Marketing for Your Restaurant

Well, the very first step to creating an online presence on Facebook would be to create a Facebook page – duh! While taking up F&B branding and F&B marketing, most business owners don’t really look into Facebook Marketing a lot, which is why we have assembled 9 points to take into consideration while working on promoting your restaurant business online.

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#1 Interact with your Followers:

While this may seem like a very minor thing, regular communication with your followers can gain you major points. Respond to as many comments on your posts as you can and thank your followers every once in a while, for the support they give you. And most importantly, respond to as many private texts on Messenger as you can too.

This will greatly help in establishing a warm and hospitable impression of you and your Brand agency in their minds.

#2 Business Profiles:

Make a business profile for your F&B brand agency. This refers to having a professional, “business-style” page. Have your food photographer take pictures in the best possible lighting and then later use the best possible editing apps that fit perfectly to the niche of your F&B branding and F&B marketing to further perfect your Brand agency’s food photography skills and abilities.

Post pictures, videos, and updates about your restaurant regularly. It would be best to create a schedule and decide beforehand on the content that you are going to post.

#3 Facebook Reviews:

Ever heard of these little things? Neither had I until a while ago. To get started, go to settings and allow people to write reviews on your F&B marketing Facebook page.

You will have to make an effort and ask for reviews yourself at first. One way to do that would be to ask them to leave a review on your Facebook page when they come to dine-in.

After this, people’s reviews should start appearing to you. To tell you the truth, negative reviews surely will come too, but the best way to deal with them is to be polite and tell them in your replies that you apologize for the difficulty that they faced and that you will try to prevent the issue from arising ever again – kill ‘em with kindness!

As for the good and generous reviews, you (obviously) must thank them for visiting your restaurant and Brand agency and tell them that you look forward to their next visit.

#4 Messenger Ads:

You’ve heard of Facebook ads, now let’s discuss Messenger advertisements. These ads are only visible to those who have the Messenger app downloaded on their mobile devices and appear on the Messenger home screen – when they’ll first open the app.

You can take advantage of this opportunity by including an invite to your Brand agency’s page – bribe them with a discount or two, or maybe just to have them see a new menu item or a special deal.

This will also make it much easier for you to send the audience a message, but it should be small and impressionable.

#5 Mention your Staff:

Other than posting your impeccable food photography pictures, having your staff involved and regularly presented on your Facebook page will give your publicity and F&B brand agency’s reputation an instant boost.

Not only will it give your page a pop of talent and entertainment, but it will also leave your loyal audience wanting more. Share little details about all the members of your staff bit by bit, and don’t forget to be consistent with it!

#6 Mention your Customers:

Posting your chefs and your food photographers shouldn’t be your only priority while running your F&B branding and F&B marketing Facebook page. Make a video if they’re willing to as well!

Customer reviews don’t only have to be by the customers themselves, they can also be posted by your F&B brand agency.

#7 Show Off the Ambiance:

The key to a successful Facebook presence doesn’t only lie in the people. Yes, it does make quite the impression, but the last straw surely is the ambiance; which can easily be added to your Facebook page by you or your hired food photographer.

While you should be focusing on your customers, staff, and food photography, you should also be working on creating brilliant ways to show off your Brand agency’s phenomenal ambiance and set-up.

#8 Go Live:

The best way to interact with your followers and engaging in F&B branding and F&B marketing would be to go live once a week, at the least. This will allow you to talk to your followers in person, and create a more friendly and welcoming environment.

Ask them how you can improve your F&B brand agency’s services and thank them for staying here to talk to you while you were live. The live should last for at least 30-40 minutes.

#9 Host Exciting Events:

Host a Christmas party where you offer free food and drinks. And if not, offer special, generous discounts on your menu items. Surely, the word “free” is bound to grab their attention.

And if not a Christmas party, then just stay on the lookout for any holiday, occasion, or reason to celebrate and give out free food and attract new customers.

Lastly, don’t let this chance for a new Facebook post go and get working on your food photography skills. Grab your food photographer (or camera) and get ready to rumble!

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