9 Best Photo Editing Software That Can Enhance the Quality of Food Photography

9 Best Photo Editing Software That Can Enhance the Quality of Food Photography

Are you a new-found food photographer? And are you looking for ways to enhance your photographs through editing? Here are 9 fabulous photo editing software and applications for you to experiment, learn, and grow with!

Best photo editing tools for food photographers



Available for macOS, Windows, and Linux, GIMP is one of the best and free apps out there to use when Photoshop is not desired.

Housing a fully customizable interface, GIMP allows you to use a wide range of cropping and color adjustment tools, montage tools, and other features such as curves, face swap, animated gifs, resizing, and customizable brushes. And let’s not forget the various plug-ins that you can add for absolutely no cost!

The only possible drawback would be that this application is only available on the desktop and not on mobile. Otherwise, this platform is constantly being worked on and the marvelous team behind it is also always working on ways to improve and update it.

#2 Adobe Photoshop

As a food photographer, you would be making a very big mistake if you would ignore this gorgeous creation. Adobe Photoshop allows you to edit your photos using a large number of tools that will make your food photography seem as phenomenal as ever.

Features like 3D designing, multi-layer editing, advanced color editing, and progressive touching let you edit your pictures easily and impeccably. Other built-in features would be excellent editing tools and wide-ranging brushes and filters.

Its subscription fee is $9.99/month and in this deal, you will also get access to Adobe Lightroom including Adobe Photoshop.

#3 Adobe Lightroom

With auto-tagging of generic keywords, full-resolution cloud backup, and incredible interactive tutorials, Adobe Lightroom is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Relish in the brilliant editing tools provided by the software and let your inner food photographer rage!

Not into too much editing? Enjoy easy touch-ups with this software and edit your pictures on any virtual device.

As for the negative points, there are just a couple of them, such as the fact that you can not rename a photo or its edited version, and that there is no availability of side-by-side zoomable comparison of the pictures in your library.

#4 Canva

Are you just looking for something light and easy to touch-up your photographs? Canva has got your back! The free-of-cost app not only provides you with super diverse features and templates but also brings magnificent graphic techniques and editing tools.

You know how other photo editors leave a watermark on your edited pictures unless you go for the premium package? Canva is nothing like that – no watermarks anymore.

As for usability on your devices, you can download the app on your mobile phone or tablet but for computers, there is no hassle of software to download; simply edit your food photography masterpieces through the website on whichever browser you like.

#5 Fotor

Fotor is another basic and easy-to-use editing app to make the pictures of your food pop with color and brilliance. Easily edits with features such as brightness, saturation, and various effects to enhance your photographs.

You can process a handful of images at once while enjoying Fotor’s user-friendly features and creative tools and templates!

The app is compatible with iOS and Android on both the web and mobiles. Moreover, its “Pro” version starts at $3.33/month.

Negatives could include the absence of plug-in supports and no manual edition abilities.

#6 Snappa

Snappa offers high-end editing tools for you to get done with the editing process in just a few minutes! It also provides icons, lots, and lots of dazzling icons, and innumerable stock photos that are absolutely free.

The templates Snappa brings to you have the potential to blow your mind! This free editing app will surely bring out the best food photographer in you.

#7 Pixlr

Are you well on the road to achieving professional food photography? Then let Pixlr improve your work even more! The app provides superb editing features for free.

Delight in various features such as customizable layers, brushes, masks, and color pickers that enrich your photo 100 times more than before. You don’t even have to download anything to use this remarkable software.

Pixlr’s paid version like Snappa, lets you access numerous stock images. In addition to this, you can indulge in premium fonts, even more, advanced editing tools, and PSD templated support for only $5/month.

Pixlr and Pixlr Pro are usable on Web and mobile – iOS and Android. The biggest disadvantage, however, is that Pixlr runs on Flash. And Flash is run by Adobe that will be shut down very soon. This does have a solution i.e., an HTML-based paid version, just like Pixlr Pro mentioned above.

#8 Photos Pos Pro

Are you a beginner food photographer? Photos Pos Pro is here to lead you through all of your ambitious ideas!

You will essentially have two user interfaces to choose from; novice and advanced.

The advanced interface is mostly for manual edits and quenches your thirst for professional photography and editing with its outstanding gradients, textures, brushes, layers, and more.

The novice interface is more for automatic edits where you can use specific templates and filters.

While the advanced interface allows room for you to edit from scratch, the novice interface already has ready-to-go effects for you to use on your pictures.

Photos Pos Pro’s paid version is a one-time purchase for $29.90. Both versions are, sadly, only usable on Windows Desktop.

#9 BeFunky

If you are still looking for ways to better the quality of your editing, BeFunky is the perfect option. Its creative enhancement capabilities are bound to leave a lasting impression on you and your audience.

Your food photography will be matchless with these amazing features: design composition templates, artistic effects, quick and hassle-free touch-up abilities, splendid textures, and exposures and contrast.

BeFunky is available on iOS and Android for both mobile and web. Its paid version, BeFunky Plus starts at $6.99 per month.