10 Steps to Promote Your Restaurant Brand on Social Media

Promoting your restaurant brand online is not as tricky as one might think. All the different social apps contribute to the umbrella term that is “social media”; and here are 10 ways you can attract loads of new customers by actively posting on social media.

instagram marketing for restaurant fb business

#1 Facebook

While managing an F&B brand agency, your main priority should be running and maintain a Facebook fan page. With impeccable food photography skills, you can easily post pictures and videos on the page.

Be sure to remain consistent with your content; a few posts a week will do, but in my opinion, the ideal way to go would be to post every 36 hours.

You can make posts however you want. Play with certain texts, formats, and icons. It would be amazing if you can come up with a catchphrase to use on your social media pages; it would really make an impression on your potential customers and can also strengthen your restaurant Brand agency’s image.

Furthermore, with paid advertising on Facebook, you can have your brand appear on numerous people’s pages. This can highly increase your customer count and can bring new foodies to your restaurant!

And don’t forget to interact with your online audience ;).

#2 Make a Blog

Write, write, and write! Fill your blog posts with recipes, pictures that come as a result of your food photography, and random snippets about your business and what it is based on.

Speaking of photographs, don’t forget to include yourself, the staff, and the customers in those pictures. Looking at fellow friendly humans on the website will not only give your Brand agency a more hospitable reputation and aura but will also make the customer visit your friendly restaurant.

Keep communicating with the people who comment on your posts and stay consistent with your blog to keep your followers interested in your brilliant Brand agency.

#3 Click! Click! Click!

Unleash your inner food photographer into the world and let it soar! Take all the pictures you can of your food as soon as it comes out of the kitchen and let your camera click pictures from different angles and in different lightings.

Try food photography with new backgrounds and color combinations and see what fits your and your restaurant’s style the most. Once you have found your niche, stick to it so your F&B branding techniques end up giving a distinguishable identity to your food Brand agency.

#4 Twitter

The bird-app, or “micro-blogging” site if you will, is the most convenient way for you to share details and little updates about your restaurant with your audience, fans, and regular customers.

Tweet about your daily specials, new customers, and use hashtags to appear on the search page and gain more followers. And don’t forget to post the stunning photographs you take while posing as a food photographer.

Retweet, like, and share on other foodie accounts as well in an attempt to get more followers and customers and to spread the word about your restaurant.

Try promoted tweets as a new form of F&B marketing and F&B branding. Just like on Facebook, this will advertise your brand on other people’s feeds and will increase the chance for you to get a bigger following.

#5 Yelp

Yelp reviews let you take your F&B branding to the next level and will surely help you grow way more than any other online platform. Once you have your food business listened here, people can look it up and can submit reviews after eating at your restaurant.

This automatically helps you reach out to a lot of people with minimal effort. Just post a little about your restaurant here and there on Yelp to keep the audience updated. Start by posting the regular stuff like your menus and then just let your loyal customers do the rest :D.

#6 Pinterest

With Pinterest, you can create certain “boards” where you can add information about your F&B brand agency, recipes, menu entries, and let’s not forget the heart of the app: the aesthetic.

With this, you will have an increased chance of showing off your talents as a food photographer. Edit the pictures that you take, make sure they’re of high quality, and post them on Pinterest.

Pinterest also provides paid advertisements in the form of promoted pins; something you can use to improve your F&B marketing.

#7 Make an Instagram Page

Talking about F&B branding and F&B marketing without mentioning the prestigious app, Instagram would be quite a waste of our time and effort now, wouldn’t it?

It takes merely a couple of minutes to set up an Instagram account. Share pictures of your restaurant, menu, the food, customers, and staff.

Become a food photographer (or hire one) and don’t be afraid to get too crafty with your posts. Like and reply to the comments your followers send and also do your best to reply to all of their messages. Use loads of hashtags and try to get in touch with bigger food businesses to increase your social outreach.

Even though they will disappear after 24 hours, post stories to keep your audience engaged in the process of your food photography and F&B brand agency.

#8 Become a YouTuber!

Create a YouTube channel. The name, of course, would be the same as your restaurant. After all, F&B marketing can’t really take on successfully if your restaurant is divided up because of different names on different social media.

Keep the videos short and sweet. Include recipes, cooking tips, and sneak peeks into the kitchen. Ask your customers to make an appearance or two every once in a while, for a more personal and long-lasting impression.

#9 Show Off Your Professionalism

Keep a professional image on all your socials. Post pictures, videos, and texts about your work and how you and your staff do it. Show to your audience the ways you cook your food and where you get your ingredients from.

Be honest with them (while maintaining a formal image) and clarify through your actions and responses that you are a professional at your job.

#10 Foursquare

Foursquare is another app that lets your customers “check-in” to your restaurant and also exposes your restaurant to other, foreign, potential customers. Other restaurants often offer special deals to the customers who use Foursquare to check-in to your restaurant – this can earn your F&B brand agency an increase in loyal customers.