8 Best & effective marketing ideas for restaurants

Okay so you opened your restaurant, that’s amazing. But now the real work comes of building its name up and gaining customers. For your F&B marketing Singapore, it’s important to have some efficient marketing tips up your sleeve.

It’s important to know all the little details of what could help you get a name in the F&B Marketing Singapore. Opting for marketing objectives that not only sustain your business but build your way up in Singapore’s Marketing and Branding Agency is the way to go.

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Here are 8 best & effective marketing ideas for restaurants we got for you:

#1 Social media

We live in a world that’s wrapped around social media, so it’s almost impossible to not get influenced by it. Utilizing social media for marketing comes on top of the marketing tier and a great tool professionals use to brand. Having a voice on social media helps you build awareness for your brand and aids in helping stay relevant.

  • Hashtags: Hashtags hold the utmost importance in building up your social media profile. If your restaurant consistently uses a hashtag it helps greatly with engagement and increases your chance to get on the home page.
  • User-Generated Content: What’s the point of posting content if your viewers don’t like it? Posting user-generated content will allow your audience to relate with you. As people love to take food photos hence, as a restaurant you’ll get tons of user-generated content that you can use for free.

#2 Targeted marketing campaigns

To promote your F&B business positively it’s vital to form a sort of connection or e-bond with your customer. This can be easily done by hiring a brand design agency for your follow-up steps, which includes sending follow-up thank-you emails also asking for their feedback on their service.

Targeted marketing campaigns also include sponsored ads which is potentially the finest way to get your name out in the F&B market Singapore. By sending out mobile ads you can focus on a targeted audience near to you which can greatly help you with your publicity.

 #3 Restaurant blogging

Hop on the bandwagon and start blogging. Blogging your restaurant can help you build a loyal customer base and can aid you in not only following trends but becoming trendsetters yourself. Moreover, it gives your followers an insight into your restaurant which will help you build a strong connection with them.

In addition to that, if you are starting to blog be sure to work with food influencers as they have a vast majority of foodies following them so getting good feedback and reviews from them will give you the upper hand in the competition.

#4 Partner-up

Loyalty programs with online food apps are an effective tip for your F&B marketing in Singapore. They help you to reach a larger audience as such apps have a vast majority of the following. Moreover, they are trusted to be reliable so through affiliation, with them, you can gain the customer’s confidence and grow your base.

#5 Update your menu

Updating your menu is a must when it comes to effective marketing. Your food menu design is the backbone of your entire restaurant, if it is dull and unpleasant no one would like to order and you’ll lose customers almost instantly. That’s why it needs to be bright, eye-catching, and pleasing to the customer’s eye.

#6 Build a website

Let’s say a potential customer is trying to look you up online but if you don’t have a website.  Now you’ve lost a potential customer.  So building a website comes as the top priority of your F&B marketing Singapore. The website should be something that will encourage a customer to order from you, it can contain a history of how the restaurant came into being, information regarding the staff and should show-off your good publicity.

All of this will show the viewer how infested you are in your business. Moreover, your website should also contain your menu and your restaurant location so if they decide to visit they know where to go.

#7 Offer deals & discounts

Another way to show your customers what you are made up of and what you have to offer them is by offering family deals and discounts. Who doesn’t like cheap food? This way they’ll be inclined to try you out and you’ll be forming customers so it’s a win-win situation for both. In addition to that, try handing out newsletters & sample tasting to your local residency area. It’s surely a smart marketing move and will help you with your F&B Marketing Singapore.

#8 Innovation

Marketing is all about how you brand your restaurant to your customers and that is where innovation sets in. Being a restaurateur ask yourself a couple of questions about how unique your business is from others in the competition. What sets you apart? Having a unique set of ideas to market your restaurant is what will help you brand it.

For example, start with something as simple as live music or a theme for the weekend. This will help you attract customers and for your Singapore Marketing and Branding Agency.