8 Best logo design tips for restaurants and F&B outlets

There are hundreds of restaurants in the F&B business and almost all of them are backed by a strong and memorable logo. A logo is what gives a restaurant its identity and it’s the first thing that catches the eye of a potential customer. Choosing or designing a logo for your restaurant can be a very hard task as it’s going to stick with your restaurant for the end of time.

To make this process easier for you here are 8 best logo design tips for restaurants and F&B outlets:

#1 Roundup logos

The first step for logo design is stacking up logos that catch your eye. This will help you know your competition and also help you differentiate between what appeals to you and what doesn’t. Round up all your favorite logos and then go through them. What factors about each one of them you like and what it is that needs improvement, this way it’ll be easier for you to guide your graphic designer regarding your needs and what you’re looking for.

#2 Brand standards

A logo design doesn’t only include a logo; a lot of other factors go into designing a logo. It tells a story and gives your restaurant its identity. Hence, it’s important to reinforce your brand standards.

Your restaurant’s values, morals, history, color scheme all play a role in determining your restaurant’s logo. Your logo will only stand out when it tells a cohesive and powerful story about your restaurant. To ensure everything mentioned matches up with your logo you can create certain brand guidelines and work accordingly.

#3 Budget

Apart from hiring affordable graphic designers setting up a budget for your desired logo design should be reasonable and should match up to the quality you wish to receive.

Moreover, before hiring affordable graphic designers in Singapore as a restaurateur you should try determining what you would like or not by trying to graphic design your restaurant’s logo yourself. The internet has a vast list of websites and apps that can aid you and they already come with ready-made logo design templates that you can make changes to.

#4 Leverage your restaurant’s name

Including your restaurant’s name in your logo design not only looks good but helps you with your restaurant’s marketing as well. You can not only incorporate your restaurant’s name in the logo design but design a logo solely based on its name. This is an effective marketing tip too as it works as a trademark and helps with your restaurant being recognizable on social media platforms and other advertisements.

#5 Reliability

Your restaurant’s recognition depends majorly upon your logo design. The elements in your graphic design will determine whether your restaurants reliable enough or not. The more complicated and complex your logo design is, the duller it may seem to the customer.

So, it’s important to not over-do your logo design. One common trait all universal brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Instagram, Facebook, etc. have in their logo design is simplicity. A good logo is not about being bright it’s about being eye-catching which is possible even with simplicity and elegance. In addition to this, whatever logo design you may choose be sure it’s ageless, without relying on present trends it fits in with everything because re-branding your logo is a whole hustle within itself.

#6 Think outside the box

An attractive logo that will catch the customer’s eye is the one that stands apart from others. For a logo to remain in people’s minds you need to design a logo that’s unique yet matches your restaurant’s aesthetic.  Playing with fonts, images, illustrations can play a major role in making your logo design appear different.  But be sure to think outside the box but at the same time don’t over-do your logo design or it’ll take away all the meaning behind the design.

#7 Symmetry

Having symmetry in your logo affects your logo design vastly, whether it’s color symmetry or shape. In your logo design, you need the colors to work together or it’s going to look crowded. Major universal restaurants have no more than a color or two in their logo designs. The fewer colors you add the simple and balanced it is while it gets harder and harder to keep the design balanced if you add on many colors.

The color scheme can make or break your logo so it’s better to hire affordable graphic designers that can guide you about the correct color scheme for your restaurant’s logo design.

#8 Negative space

Don’t hustle to fill in every inch of the logo’s design. Having negative space in your logo surely gives it a modern look besides looking refined.  Including white spaces in your logo design gives your customer eyes a break while calling attention to secondary shapes or other factors in your logo like your restaurant’s name.

Hence, be strategic and go for white spaces to give your logo design a more crisp and refined look.