12 Ways to promote your restaurant on social media platforms

It’s no mystery that social media is much more than a place to share moments of life likewise it is now a crucial part of your F&B marketing. While F&B promotion through social media may seem overwhelming, its significance and efficiency cannot be overlooked.

Here are 12 ways to promote your restaurant on social media platforms:

#1 Take and post beautiful photos

Food photography can help boost your F&B branding in numerous ways. It allows you to market your dish according to your liking. A high-quality mouth-watering photograph will certainly draw the customers’ attention and trigger visual hunger.

According to a source, 82% of people would buy a dish just because of how it looks in the picture so if you aren’t promoting your restaurant through social media yet we highly recommend you start now.

#2 Food influencers

To promote your restaurant through social media it is vital to have a sort of bond with food influencers to ensure the customers that the service of the restaurant is high-quality. As the influencers already sort of have an e-bond with their audience, getting positive reviews from them can help with your F&B promotion.


#3 Offer deals & discounts

Offering family deals and discounts for your audience will encourage them to visit your restaurant getting you a loyal customer base. Who doesn’t like free food?

#4 Monitor your growth

Keep a track of your social media accounts by regularly checking your analytics. This way you’ll be able to see what’s working for your page and what’s not. By learning about what interests your audience; you will be able to take steps that will prove to be beneficial for your restaurant and help you with your F&B marketing.


#5 Advertise

Ads on social media are an investment. They are a blessing for restaurants F&B marketing – as they provide rich targeting options. Moreover, through geotargeting, you can advertise only to people in your area. You should go for ads as they extend your reach.

#6 Show the behind-the-scenes

Share moments from the backstage of your restaurant and connect with your viewers, it works great in building relationships with customers over social media. Introduce your employees, follow the chef along the journey of him preparing the dish, and interact with your audience. It humanizes your restaurant gaining you more followers and eventually customers.

#7 Ask questions to engage followers

Improve your engagement on social media by asking fun questions, doing polls, and encouraging responses this will help you with your F&B branding.

Here are some questions you can ask your followers:

  • What’s going on with their lives?
  • How are they dealing with the pandemic?
  • What’s their favorite dish?
  • How can you improve your restaurant?

#8 Share Positive Press

Be sure to show off your good publicity via social media. Your viewers will spread the word, and newcomers will be encouraged to visit in person when they see trusted sources celebrating your restaurant.

#9 Sleek online menu

Don’t make your followers scramble to find your menu, make it functional online. Hire graphic designers that will make a high-quality, easy to read menu that is up to date and accurate. In this day and age customers need to have access to an online menu; otherwise, they might get diverted towards some other restaurant.

#10 Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

Twitter is a very popular platform. It is great for delivering meal deals, promotions, fun facts, photos, and show-casing your menu online. Add hashtags to your tweets and get trending.

#11 Video content

Video marketing is one of those marketing trends that have been continuously growing. Videos are an excellent medium for your F&B promotion. Videos are visually appealing and especially satisfying videos keeps a viewer glued to the mobile screen.

Here are a few ideas for the creation of the video:

  • Create your own “cooking show.”
  • Interview with guests
  • Cooking tips
  • Chef highlights

#12 Spark It Up with Stories

Every day 62% of consumers say they discover a new brand through stories. Stories are relevant and prevalent. They can generate customer loyalty as by constantly viewing your stories they’ll form an e-bond with you making them an asset. Moreover, they can be fun and can encourage interaction with your customers through polls and help you with your F&B marketing.