How food photography can help enhance your F&B branding

‘The eyes chico, they never lie’

You might have heard this famous catchphrase, what it distinctively means is that what you see is what appeals to you. In f&b branding, this mere catchphrase holds a lot of weightage. Even when words fail to convey the message, a picture can save the day.


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Every day new cafes and restaurants open, as a restaurateur the competition grows to attract new customers. No doubt every restaurant has its aura and personality but what is it that gives a restaurant its personality? A mouth-watering photo can be a feast for the eyes, catching the eye of your potential customer all the while giving your restaurant that extra zest it needs.

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Food photography can help boost your f&b branding in numerous ways. Some of which are listed below.

Increase your sales: Visual appeal of food is indeed undeniable. A visually appealing photograph taken by your food photographer can encourage potential consumers to try out your restaurant and help with marketing in the process. According to a source, 82% of people would buy a dish just because of how it looks in the picture. A mouth-watering photograph on your restaurant’s flyer or menu design can undoubtedly increase your sales.

Food photography allows you to market your dish according to your liking. You can choose to highlight your most profitable and famous dishes with exceptional images to entice your customer and take your marketing to the next level!

Helps in Building Trust: Most of the customers are very picky about their food as they want the best value for their money. As customers like knowing what they’re going to get, having seen their dish ahead is going to help build their trust. Food photography helps to increase a restaurant’s credibility so it is important to invest in a professional food photographer.

First impression: You might have heard the catchphrase “the first impression is the last impression” and you know what they say about first impressions, they stick to the mind of the beholder. That is where food photography comes in. A high-quality mouth-watering photograph will draw the customers’ attention and trigger visual hunger.

Consistent restaurant marketing and branding: Before deciding where to dine out we often surf through the internet looking for restaurants and cafes. Photos are indeed the best choice for delivering a message about quality and adding value to your brand but to do so you need to make an initial investment in a professional food photoshoot. Posting the photographs taken by your professional food photographer on social media will most definitely attract followers. Moreover, using them in ads will get you more website clicks and will help in your f&b branding and marketing.

Food photography also allows you to optimize your images to get more visibility, so you can add keyword-based alternative text which will make your brand discoverable in search engines, which in turn leads to a higher ranking. As a result of posting your food photography pictures online, you’ll notice a drastic change in your customer engagement as content with images gets 94% more views than content without any pictures to illustrate the dish.

Tells a story: Storytelling is a great way to engage customers with your brand emotionally. As a restaurateur, you have full-fledged control over how everybody perceives your restaurant. Now food photography can help you build your restaurant all the while making it stand out and giving it a personality.

Moreover, the way qualified food photographers follow the chef along the journey of preparing the dish gives it a personal touch which the avid customer enjoys. Photograph of a delicious-looking dish with a captivating story behind it can be a perfect strategy that will make the customers step into your restaurant craving for it.

Universal language: Imagine a Chinese family walking into your Tamil restaurant. How will they decide what to order? It’s the mouth-watering photograph on your menu design which will capture their eye and encourage them to try it out. Pictures are universal and are in no need of any introduction. They are visually appealing to the customers eliminating all language barriers. ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ let the delicious-looking dish speak for itself and see the magic happen.

In addition to that, choices for the customers turn easy. By illustrating how the dishes look when they are unfamiliar with the cuisine makes it easier for them to decide what to order.

The main aim of a restaurant should always be to make a good impression quality-wise on its customers so they keep on coming back for more. Professional food photography is an excellent step in that right direction. It adds life and gives personality to your food so, gets on board.

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