Looking to hire a food photographer in Singapore? Here are 7 things to consider before hiring

Online activities can play a crucial part in helping the F&B outlets return to function as it is the period of web-based media. Having a voice on online media and remaining relevant by not only following trends but becoming trendsetters themselves is crucial for them to get ahead in the game. So, one may ask, how do I stay relevant? How do I stay trending?

Let’s face it; marketing is a bit different than it was a couple of years ago. The dynamics of the Food & beverage business has taken a massive turn. The era is now more, what you may call ‘digitalized’. So, to grow it is vital to advance with the time and market your business accordingly.

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When it comes down to the competition it is extremely important to differ from others and find your style and allow your audience to interact with you. You can do so by hiring professional food photographers.

Here are some points to consider before hiring a food photographer:

Look for the experience

When it comes down to hiring a professional photographer it is recommended to hire one with some expertise in the field. One should gravitate towards experienced and professional food photographer who knows about the competition as well as what will be a hit or a miss. Experience in the field is what will differentiate them from newbies and is what will help you with marketing your F&B branding.

Select your style and your candidates

Before shortlisting your candidates you should research so you know what kind of style you like and select candidates accordingly. Decide on your favorite photography style and ask your short-listed photographers to send you their portfolio and cross-check to see if they meet your requirements.

Moreover, before recruiting a food photographer, you should consistently enquire about the arrangement. You should enquire about the charges of not just the photography but the styling as well. Having an idea of whether you have to pay for styling independently or will it be included in the shoot is vital before hiring a candidate.

Social media community

Social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook are pretty strong marketing tools. So, going through your photographer’s page or blog and viewing how the brand themselves is important. It helps you connect with them on a deeper level and helps you gain insights into their work and style. Moreover, you discover how they interact with their audience and how they can be an asset to you.


Once you shortlist a food photographer that meets your requirements, having a detailed discussion to know their strategies for the shoot. Telling them about your ideas and expectations and they finessing your ideas into something much fuller is what will make the photography pop out.

Food styling

Food styling is way more complicated than regular photography as telling a whole story and taking a drool-worthy inviting picture of just-food is very complex. A food photographer works admirably of utilizing their insight into procedures to make food look incredible. They will arrange the plating and styling of the food that it looks great on the camera. Every ingredient needs to look fresh and delicious and attract just the right amount of the viewers’ attention.

Furthermore, the styling of the dish is also to be done by the food photographer alongside your chef. Your photographer must be open to working with the chef in such a way that the plating of the final dish looks appealing on camera.

Setup of the shoot

The arrangement of photoshoot incorporates the setting, lighting, and props utilized for food styling. By and large, an expert might want to take photos in the restaurant and will think about normal lighting for the photos. However, on the off chance that your café doesn’t get enough normal light, at that point, artificial lighting is your next choice.


Being a restaurateur you always have to consider the additional costs that may arise. Ask yourself whether the photography is going to be an asset or a liability. Will the photographer charge you extra for add-ons or offer you a deal?

Since there are tons of professional food photographers in Singapore, you must look for as many as possible, compare the ones on your shortlist and hire the one that fits in your budget. Finding the correct photographer for your food photograph needs won’t be a simple assignment, yet with a little tolerance and a little difficulty, you ought to have the option to discover somebody that is an incredible fit for your undertaking.