7 Marketing tips for your F&B business to prepare after COVID-19

7 Marketing tips for your F&B business to prepare after COVID-19

Let’s backtrack a little to the pre-COVID era, imagine you are going to your favorite restaurant with your friends after weeks of planning, some of them canceling on you while others can’t stop gushing over the witty time you’ll have.

The only worry you might or might not have at the time would have been either will I run short of money?

Will I surpass my curfew?

Or is my dress clashing with my lipstick tone?

Now let’s snap back to reality. What would you be worried about right now if the restaurants are to open and you’re going to one with your friends or family? Questions on your mind might sound like, what would I do if I caught the virus? How will it affect others around me? How will things pursue at home as I am the only bread earner for my family?

restaurant marketing branding post covid 19

With the commencement of the global pandemic, not only your lifestyle has been affected but if you look closely it has taken quite a huge toll on the restaurant industry.

Restaurants have been shut down for months which resulted in unemployment for many, local food and beverage businesses have shut down completely due to a shortage of money, but even in a time like this one should focus on the positives.

Hence, with an abundant amount of free time that the restaurant owners now have it’s a great opportunity for them to get inspired and think of ways to get them back into the game!


Restaurants should work on upgrading their interior design and towards creating an aesthetic, welcoming space so that customers can come and feel relaxed with a drink in their hand and look forward to coming back not only for the finger-licking delicious food but the Instagram pictures.

Perhaps an overall redesign according to your branding would be a great idea.

Targeted marketing campaigns

To regain your old customers’ restaurateurs have to develop a sort of e-bond with them. This can be done by sending them to follow up thank-you emails also asking them for their feedback on their service.

In addition to the above pointers, it is crucial to have a strong bond with food influencers to ensure the audience that the quality and service of the restaurant have not been compromised amid the pandemic.

You can also seek assistance from an F&B branding agency who can help you out to redefine your marketing campaigns.

Plans to reinstate

With an ample amount of downtime, it is now a golden opportunity for restaurateurs to start planning ways to regain the confidence of their customers and what it is that makes them different than the others in the business. Restaurants should start working around this narrative for a head start in the market and evolve to differ from other dine-ins.

Restaurant blogging

Online activity can play a vital role in helping the restaurants get back to work as it is the age of social media. Having a voice on social media and staying relevant by not only following trends but becoming trendsetters themselves is crucial for them to get ahead in the game.

You can also upload some great pictures of your food items. The key is to upload only high-resolution images. Therefore, you must hire a professional food photographer to do this job for you.

Redesign your menus

When you start everything afresh, don’t let your menu design left along. You must consider redesigning your food menu and incorporate some of the hygiene instructions in your menu as well.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to hire a food photographer & graphic designer in Singapore who can collectively work together to produce a beautiful, appealing & selling menu design for you.

Ensuring safety measures:

The main question revolving around in the mind of the consumer maybe that is the restaurant safe and hygienic? Ensuring their viewers that they are taking all the necessary precautions regarding Covid-19 and they have a lot to offer once this all is over is another way to reclaim their customer base.

This can be done by following a few easy safety precautions taken by the restaurant for example usage of disposable cutlery and making sanitizers available at all the times.

Popularize the concept of eating outdoors

Keeping in mind restaurants cannot be operating at their full potential for a while post-lockdown restaurants should start working on this sentiment.

The outdoor arrangement will not only bring relaxation to the customers but also ensure that all the proper safety measures are being taken by the restaurant by maintaining distance.

Decorating the outdoor seating with plants will bring a sense of comfort and relaxation to the customers making them feel welcome and giving out a homey feeling.

Give out positive vibes

Good customer service is vital when it comes to reclaiming your position in the restaurant market. Good feedback and remarks mean a loyal customer base.

By introducing new discounts and family deals one can ensure that the customer will definitely keep them in mind while choosing where to dine. In addition to that, having a positive aura and co-operative employees will attract even more diners towards your dine-in and make them revisit due to your hospitality.


Post-pandemic it’s not going to be easy for restaurants to rebuild their connection with their customers but where there is a will, there is a way. They will have to work on each and every aspect to get back into the market and build up their name. They can get this done by gaining confidence and ensuring they have a lot to offer through some canny marketing.