7 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Must Use Instagram for Marketing

7 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Must Use Instagram for Marketing

Creating an Instagram account can help you take f&b marketing to the next level. 90% of the activity on this social media platform is carried out by folks under 35.

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These people are always looking to try out new restaurants. People this age are also mostly working and would like to have easy access and information to a place they can sit back and relax at and of course have a good, scrumptious meal at too. Any food-related influencer can use this marvelous website to enhance their social media marketing for restaurants.

  1. You Can Easily Interact with Your Customers.

Direct messages, the comments section, and reposts are all excellent ways to communicate with those who look forward to giving feedback to your restaurant online. While others could simply be on the hunt for a place to eat out and have a good time with their friends and family, and maybe also conduct business meetings if your restaurant has the appropriate ambiance for it.

An Instagram page not only provides you with an excellent platform for f&b social media marketing but also helps you form a more professional and trustworthy image towards the public. Moreover, you should always have an eye out for people that might tag or mention you on their posts and Instagram stories. This allows you to find your customers easily and opens a window for you to leave a comment showing that you appreciate them coming in and contributing to your success.

You can also ask your customers if you can repost their posts and pictures; this sets a clear example for other viewers and would encourage them to visit your restaurant even more. Furthermore, visual aid is almost always quite appealing to viewers, followers, and customers.


  1. Engage with Other Online Marketeers.

The most you would get out of communicating and possibly collaborating with other influencers is the fact that their followers and customers could become yours too. You can earn up to hundreds and thousands of new customers without investing too much time or money of your own.

You can visit another restaurant that has a major online presence, preferably an Instagram page. Offer them a special deal or even a free meal for a post about your restaurant on their page. Also, you can give yourself a chance to execute food photography this way.


  1. It Doesn’t Demand Extra Financing.

Instagram is completely free to use unless you’re doing any advertisement for f&b marketing for your restaurant. You can post about your menu, deals and offers, and any changes or tweaks in your restaurant’s routine.

You should always consider “promoted” posts once you have a strong following base. Create a page, layout a firm theme regarding your restaurant, and then take on the option of promoting your page. This helps you reach out to new people who don’t already follow you.


  1. Create the Most Visually Appealing Page.

People absolutely love to feast their eyes on vibrant, vivid, colorful pictures. Take on food photography and hire a graphic designer to create a logo design for your restaurant. This sort of visual representation attracts customers and gives them a clear idea about how some of your dishes may look like.

Try new colors, angles, backgrounds, and experiment with different kinds of plating to ensure a unique outlook towards your restaurant. Do your best to paint a story with your food through various platings and color combinations. Also, consult a branding agency to know your audience better and learn more about how to satisfy your followers and customers.

Lastly, be sure to add people to your photos. Have your customers and the staff click appealing photographs with the food to show a more genuine and friendly approach.


  1. Use Hashtags and Geotags.

Another fantastic feature Instagram offers its users is that you can add “geotags” to your posts. Using this, you can add your current location on your posts; so be sure to post while you’re at your restaurant to achieve a more successful approach towards f&b social media marketing. Your followers can use these tags to find your restaurant’s exact location.

As for hashtags, you can use up to 30 of those. You can mention the type of restaurant you run, the street it’s located on, the food you serve, and anything that describes your business. People often follow hashtags to find the places matching their appropriate wants and needs.


  1. Graphic and Logo Designs.

You can hire graphic designers and logo designers to design your page according to new trends etc. These talented individuals can also be found through the very app that you are going to be using, Instagram. Many graphic designers and logo designers also use this app as a means to find clients of their own.

Having a specific logo design will also add to your professionalism towards the public. This is an essential part of social media marketing for restaurants.


  1. Reach Hundreds and Thousands of New Customers.

Instagram has 500 million everyday users; and most of them are young and active individuals. Most of them are either looking to expand their own businesses or looking to discover new places such as restaurants and shops.

Running an Instagram page is the perfect platform for social media marketing for restaurants. To be successful in this, you can take aid from a branding agency, a graphic design company, or you can even create a graphic design company of your own.

This app allows you to reach out to a vast number of individuals and having a colorful, unique, and different approach and look towards your page always attracts more people.