7 ways in which a graphic designer can help in your restaurant branding

As you begin to set up your restaurant brand, you’ll be working with a lot of professionals from different areas. One such professional whose help you will require across all these branding verticals is a graphic designer.

Every area of a restaurant’s branding- right from the logo design to its menu, promotional material, etc. are all the result of a graphic designer’s skill and creativity.

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One of the biggest reasons why restaurant branding is so important is that it helps you attract new customers and increase customer satisfaction.

With that idea, let us go ahead and learn more about the various ways in which a graphic designer can help you get the best of your restaurant branding.

Designing your restaurant brand’s logo

The logo of a restaurant brand is one of the most important elements in F&B branding.

Right from KFC’s iconic Colonel Sander and Taco Bell’s Logo, all these are instantly recognizable globally. These are a part of the brand identity.

A graphic designer can help you to create a logo that defines what your brand is all about. The right logo could incorporate its name, some element that is unique to the restaurant or anything else. In logo design, a graphic designer can help you find out the best way to tell your customers what your restaurant brand is all about.

Social Media Content

In today’s digital age, an online presence is integral to building a brand.

Having an online presence is vital to any F&B marketing campaign. Social media is the best platform to engage with new and potential customers.

With the help of a graphic designer, you can boost up your social media profiles and serve your followers with quality content. You must aim to deliver a message and your story through social media, and an experienced graphic designer can help you do just that.

Website Design

The second most important aspect of maintaining your brand’s online presence is its website design. For building your restaurant’s brand, you will need a website that is professional and reflects the values of your brand.

Hiring an experienced graphic designer can help you do that and much more with your website. Not only should it be informative, but your restaurant’s website must tell the visitor what makes you different from the rest. A graphic designer can help you convey that to your customers and help them choose from dining with you.

Menu Design

Great menu design for the restaurant will enhance your guests’ dining experience. You must aim to stimulate their appetite and make satisfying choices through your menu. This is where an experienced menu designer comes to your aid.

Right from the order of items in the menu to patterns, including images and the overall design, everything requires a lot of attention.

Graphic designers know what it takes to design a great menu and how to get the guests engrossed in the dining experience.

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Printed Promotional Material

As you begin promoting your restaurant, printed promotional material like flyers, takeaway menus, etc. will be an integral part. You will want to give something to your prospective customers that they want to keep, and something that makes them visit your restaurant too.

A simple ad of your restaurant on a paper is not enough- you need to ensure that it catches the attention of your prospective customers. There are many unique styles of promoting your brand through flyers and takeaway menus, and a graphic designer can help you make the most of those.

Designing your restaurant’s packaging and merchandise

Restaurant packaging is something that most brands invest a lot in. One of the best examples of this is the Starbucks takeaway cups- you see pictures of them all over social media. When you provide customers with attractive and functional packaging, you also increase the likelihood of them promoting your brand for free!

Not only do you increase customer satisfaction, but also gain an invaluable brand ambassador.

A professional graphic designer can help you figure out what would work best for your restaurant brand and fit with your F&B marketing strategy.

Business cards for your restaurant

One of the most overlooked yet useful tools for F&B branding is having a good business card.

Business cards are an invaluable way of marketing your restaurant in your network. Especially in formal and corporate events where you cannot hand out flyers or pamphlets, a business card is the most professional choice.

With the help of your graphic designer, you can get a bunch of professional business cards that look different from the several other ones out there. A business card that stands out will help you uniquely build your brand.

Thus, in all these ways, you now know why you must have a graphic designer by your side as you begin to build a restaurant brand. This is what will help you to build a brand that becomes your diners’ preferred choice!

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