7 Important elements of restaurant branding

For any restaurant, creating a brand is as important as anything else.

A brand is what will define what the restaurant is and what sets it apart from the competition.

Pho Street Vietnamese Pho Food Branding

As a restaurant owner, your job will be to convey to your customers what your restaurant is about and why they should come there. With that in mind, let’s explore some of the key elements that help a restaurant to build its brand.

The Concept

If you are an owner or an F&B marketing professional, then the first thing you need to build the brand is formulating a great concept.

Do you run a fine dining restaurant, a takeaway/ casual counter or a café? This is the first thing that you will decide while opening your restaurant, and it is also what will set the path for building the brand.

The concept may also vary depending on what location and area you are in.


In any F&B Branding effort, the restaurant’s name must receive its due attention. Take Starbucks for instance. The mere mention of this name fills images of a warm café with the aroma of coffee beans and a delightful array of drinks.

The name of your restaurant should differentiate you from the competition. This is what will become the brand’s identity.

The name and the logo (we will discuss that next) are going to be a part of many things- the menu, advertisements and restaurant merchandise (if you plan to have any). You should put a lot of thought and effort into developing these.

A restaurant’s identity is not only judged by its food, but also by how much it value it creates around the brand.

The Logo

The logo design of a brand is as important as the name. Think of the iconic ‘M’ that McDonald’s uses, also known as ‘The Golden Arches’. When people spot this sign on the highway, taking the exit that leads them to the nearest McDonalds is almost an instant decision.

The logo goes a long way in creating recognition and brand value for a restaurant. For logo design, you can take the services of a professional graphic designer. Only experienced graphic designers can help you to get the right logo.


A tagline is a short and catchy phrase that should be distinctive and recognizable. Every food chain has a tagline that sets it apart from the competition. It is also what will boost the recognition and impact of your ads on the radio.

The right tagline can work wonders, especially for fast-food chains and cafes. Your logo design can also include the tagline as a part.


Your restaurant’s ambiance is the most dynamic and important ways for you to express the brand. A guest will remember what the place felt like, which is why you must do everything to create a pleasant and unique experience.

Every aspect must be made to give your guest the best possible dining experience. Elements like interior décor, lighting, color scheme, music, silverware, and server attire will all need equal thought and effort.


The central idea of your restaurant brand should be to raise & maintain the quality of food that you offer. When we talk about food, it is not just the cuisine- but also what type of dishes from the cuisine you include. For instance, if it’s a Mexican deli that has large groups coming in, then you can include sharing platters.

If it is a fine-dine place, then a selection of wines and appetizers is a must. Depending on the cuisine and type of restaurant, your food will need to be curated with utmost thought and delicacy.


For any restaurant, the first thing that a new customer would want to see is the menu. The menu design plays a crucial role in helping a customer decide on dining there.

When it comes to menu design for a restaurant, remember that it is not just food that you are offering- it is an entire experience. With menu design, a lot of thought goes into deciding its visuals, the typeface, and the overall design.

For a restaurant that specially focuses on takeaways, having a separate menu for the same is often helpful. This menu design should offer only those dishes that are prepared suitably.

Often, takeaway menus are just on a single sheet. This lets the diner ‘take away’ the menu too to order at ease. Factors like these are all that you must consider while working on the menu design for a restaurant.

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As you work on branding your restaurant and providing your customers with an amazing experience, these branding elements will help you in every step. Word of mouth publicity is one of the most powerful mediums for restaurants to increase their customer base. With a distinct and memorable brand accompanying an amazing dining experience, you can be sure that every diner will have nothing but great things to say about it.