Chill Gen – Advancement Theory Design

It’s history dated back to hundreds of years ago, is still a very popular dish among people of all ages today. Since it’s inception, many countries have adopted and developed their own style of hotpot. Here we are tasked to brand a Hong Kong hotpot in a modern context.

As hotpot brings people together, we took on the word ‘Chill’ for it’s brand name, which means ‘relax’ or ‘hang out’ in slang. At the same time, it sounds off as ‘Trendy’ in cantonese language. It was eventually named Chill Gen to fit generation of today. The entire branding was directed towards modern stylish retro pop. Creating a modern environment where young master (少爷) and tai tai (太太 – Chinese colloquial term for wealthy married woman who does not work) would chill and enjoy their hotpot.

Chill Gen Hotpot Hong Kong Branding

chill gen hotpot menu design singapore

chill gen hotpot branding singapore

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