6 Tips to follow while designing a food menu

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Beautifully designed food menus can encourage customers to make their orders quickly & hassle-free. A food menu shouldn’t be considered as just a simple menu with a list of available items and their prices. Instead, it should treated as one of the effective ways for any food outlet or restaurant to communicate with their customers.

In this blog post, we are going to share 6 tips that your graphic designer must follow while designing a food menu for your company.

#1 Dividing the menu sections logically

In order to enable customers choose their desired dish quickly, a food menu must have all the items divided logically. In the absence of divided sections, it may take longer time for the customers to find & order their favourite dishes.

#2 Using appropriate colours

Colors play an important role in designing a food menu.

There are several things that must be considered while designing a food menu. Some of them are below:

  1. The brand colors of restaurant must be reflected on the food menu.
  2. Colors must be chosen according to the theme of the food items.
  3. The colors must be chosen according to the fonts used so that it’s easily read-able for the customers.

#3 Using high resolution images

Using high resolution images is the key to design a tempting food menu. As we all know that an image says a thousand words, same applies for your food menu images too.

The images used on a food menu can actually say a lot about the quality of the food itself. Therefore, only high resolution images must be used for designing a food menu.

#4 Less emphasise on the price

A food menu must be designed in such a way that the item names & their ingredients must be in the limelight.

More emphasis on the price will lead the customers to think about their pocket first.

#5 Typography

The font style & size is an important factor  that must be considered while designing a food menu. Small font size may make it difficult for the customers to read the items and their descriptions properly. At the same time, bigger font size can really give them a sense of shout. Therefore, appropriate font size and style must be used according to the overall size of the food menu itself.

Also the font colors must be used appropriately according to the background color of the food menu.

#6 Using boxes

Displaying the items in boxes can help customers to navigate through easily.

Menu items without proper boxes look scattered and at the same time it makes difficult for the customers to scan them easily.